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This Home Improvement Project Offers the Worst Return on Investment

ImageMany home remodeling projects do wonders for the value of the home. Certain upgrades and renovations pay dividends when it comes time to sell, and you often can recoup the money you’ve invested in the upgrade.

There are exceptions, however. And one stands head and shoulders above the rest (or should I say below) when it comes to return on investment: 

The home office. 

Surprised? It may seem like a home office would be a boon for your home at sale time, especially considering the number of people who telecommute and work online. But the fact of the matter is, a home office seldom recoups more than 45% of the money invested in the remodel. 

Why? Multiple factors.

First, even people who work at home often don’t work at home. When was the last time you walked into a coffee shop and didn’t see a laptop open? Many people still find space outside the home to work. 

Second, a full-on home office renovation often takes up a bedroom which new owners might want to be able to convert back into a bedroom. If you’ve spent the time and money having built-in furniture added, media wiring, and other “office like” details installed, it represents a cost to restore or lost-usage for the new owners.

Of course, if you need a home office and want to have the home office of your dreams, it might be worth it to you to put the return on investment aside. But don’t undertake the project thinking it will pay off down the line. 

Curious which home remodeling projects pay off at the sale of your Lehigh Valley home? Let’s talk about what you’re considering: call me at 484-893-1234 or email joe@debandjoe.com.


Great Sites for Remodeling Ideas

Picture of man swinging hammer while remodeling

Don't Let This Be You

Are you thinking about renovating the interior of your home or building a brand new fantasy home? If you’re just beginning to formulate an idea of what the living space of your dreams looks like, I’ve put together a list of three great sites to help inspire your imagination:

 HOUZZ.COM (http://www.houzz.com)

Houzz is a leading destination site for home design enthusiasts– professionals and homeowners. The Houzz site and mobile apps feature over 250,000 high quality interior and exterior photos, thousands of highly-engaging articles written by design experts, product recommendations and social tools to manage the remodeling and decorating process.

FRESHOME.COM (http://www.freshome.com)

Launched in 2007, Freshome is a weblog devoted to uncovering (and sharing) the latest and greatest products in Architecture and Design. The primary focus of this design publication is to give you inspiration to make your home more beautiful, organized and healthy. We believe that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world.

 GETDECORATING.COM (http://www.getdecorating.com)

Every picture has a story… whether you’re thinking about renovating, remodeling, decorating a new house or redecorating your existing home, perhaps with new furniture, different window treatments or maybe just a color change…you’ve come to the right place! Our site is devoted to inspirational home ideas that you can choose, save, and email to a friend or supplier.

 Stop flipping through magazines for a few good photos and dive into these sites with literally tens of thousands of colorful ideas to spark your imagination. From staging to renovation, these are great places to get started.

Thinking about selling your old home before you pursue a new design? I’d be happy to help! Connect with me this week: at 484-893-1234 or joe@debandjoe.com