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A Letter from the Tax Man

You’ve got mail!  Lehigh County mailed out information today to all county property owners regarding the 2013 tax reassessment.  The notice you get from the county won’t tell you how much your taxes will be in 2013, but it will tell you the value that the county has placed on your property for assessment purposes.  Your letter from the county will actually contain three important numbers: your 2013 assessed value, the previous assessment amount (from 1991 for most homeowners, this value is 50% of the county’s appraised value),  and the 100% appraised value from your last assessment.  This last number is really your ‘number to compare’ to your new assessed value.  It’s important to note that just because your assessment goes up doesn’t mean that your taxes will go up.  Under reassessment it will be possible for a property to be assessed for more but pay less in taxes, and vice versa.  Remember, everybody else’s assessment will be changing too!

So how do you find out what your tax bill will be?  You can get an idea by following the instructions on your letter and visiting the county’s reassessment web site at http://www.lehighcounty.org/Departments/Assessment/ReassessmentHome/tabid/1313/Default.aspx.  We have no idea at this point what tax increases (or decreases, haha, totally kidding about that one!) await us in 2013 so this is the best idea we’ll have until new tax bills arrive.  In case you’re one of the unfortunate 42% of residential property owners that will see a tax increase, there will also be instructions for appealling your assessment in the county’s letter.